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How can I add a custom domain?

When you add a custom domain all your links (old and new) will be also available in the new custom domain. (e.g. link with short handle "demo" will be available as: link-to.app/demo - mycustom.domain.com/demo - other.custom.com/demo)

You need the "startup" or "pro" plan to use this feature and access to your domain DNS configuration.

Please note: We suggest you to create a new subdomain like get.your-domain.com or app.your-domain.com


  1. Email info@1link.io and tell us the domain name that you want to add, we will generate a SSL certificate for you
  2. Add the CNAME record provided by us to verify the domain
    1. Wait for DNS propagation
    2. Email us after the DNS update
  3. We will generate another CNAME record that you need to add
    1. Wait for DNS propagation
    2. Email us after the DNS update
  4. If your domain is correctly setup it will show up in your dashboard

We suggest Cloudflare.com for DNS management (free)

Please note: DNS propagation can take from few minutes to 48 hours, we suggest to always set a low TTL (e.g. 5 minutes). If your custom domain is correctly setup and working do not remove/edit any DNS records provided by us.


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