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How can I add a custom domain?

When you add a custom domain all your links (old and new) will be also available in the new custom domain. (e.g. 1link.io/l/demo - mycustom.domain.com/demo - other.custom.com/demo)

You need the "startup" or "pro" plan to use this feature and access to your domain DNS configuration.

Please note: We suggest you to create a new subdomain like get.your-domain.com or app.your-domain.com


  1. Email info@1link.io and tell us the domain name that you want to add, we will generate a SSL certificate for you
  2. Add the TXT and CNMAE record that you have received via email
  3. If your domain is correctly setup the domain will be added

We suggest Cloudflare.com for DNS management (free)

If you have any issues or you need help contact us info@1link.io

Please note: DNS change can take up to 48 hours 


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